Our Kirkland Kitchen Remodeling Process

Eastside Kitchen and Bath offers the best remodeling services in the Kirkland area. We provide quality, cost-effective kitchen remodeling on the Eastside. Working with professionals like us is a low-stress and efficient process. A kitchen remodel is a significant, long term investment, don’t waste your money hiring the wrong contractor. Let us create a beautiful and functional culinary space in your home.

We believe that the kitchen is the heart of a home, the busiest, and most important room. Whether it’s kids doing homework while mom and dad cook dinner or grabbing a late-night snack by the light of the refrigerator— it’s essential that your kitchen is a space that is not only functional but comfortable and attractive too. No matter the occasion, you want your custom kitchen to feel open and inviting to everyone who visits your home. Whether it’s a minor update or a complete dream kitchen makeover, we have been making our clients happy since 2012.

Investing in new appliances, a new floor, upgrading the cabinets and countertops, or removing a wall to create an open feel are just some of the things that can be done during a kitchen renovation. From traditional kitchens with a timeless look, or the bold designs of a modern kitchen, we can make it happen. We have years of experience helping our clients make their dream kitchens reality. We streamline your ideas to create a remodeling experience that’s truly perfect for your needs.

Not sure what style of kitchen you like? Take a look through some of our completed projects. No matter the size of the kitchen renovation you’re planning, it is best to consult with the Eastside’s premier kitchen remodeling expert.

Some of our recent Kitchen Remodels in Kirkland

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What to expect during your Kirkland kitchen remodel

Remodeling your kitchen is no small investment of money and time. But it is an excellent investment in the value of your home. We look forward to helping you and your family create the kitchen you’ve been dreaming about at a cost that makes sense for you.


Kitchen Design

Close your eyes. Imagine you are standing in the middle of your dream kitchen. What do you see? We want to build that vision within the parameters of your particular project, parameters like:

- Your vision
- Your lifestyle
- The available space
- The natural light in your kitchen
- How your kitchen flows with the rooms around it
- How the kitchen fits into your home from a construction perspective
- Your budget

Once we have explored all these vital components, the design process is in full swing.


Choosing Materials

Cabinets, flooring, backsplash—When designing a kitchen, you need to keep all of these components and what materials you will be using in mind, and still stay within your budget. This arena is where we can be most helpful. Eastside Kitchen And Bath have years of remodeling experience you can draw from when picking out each element of your new kitchen. This isn’t a trip to the hardware store’s tile aisle. Eastside Kitchen and Bath has strong working relationships with the area’s best purveyors of fine building materials. We can show you a wide variety of what’s available and perfectly tailor your kitchen to the vision you want.


You need your kitchen floor to be resilient against foot traffic, spills, drops, and cooking accidents. It’s not just about what looks good aesthetically, but also about the durability when choosing flooring. Not to say aesthetics aren’t important; floors play an integral part in tying the room together!

Good options may be:

- Tile – Timeless and durable
- Hardwood – Beautiful and soft
- Luxury Vinyl Plank – Looks and feels like hardwood, but more resilient to pets, liquids, and high foot traffic



Cabinets define the visual theme and style of your entire kitchen. The design, construction, and installation of cabinetry make it the most time-consuming phase of a kitchen remodel.

You don’t even necessarily have to shell out the big bucks on luxury cabinets to get high-quality features and craftsmanship. There’s plenty of moderately priced options that provide a whole range of organizational solutions from drawers to spice racks.

Great cabinet design makes use of the dead space that occurs in the back of cabinets. Use custom cabinetry to put that space to use! Whether it’s a good, old fashioned Lazy Susan or a cloud corner pull-out. Maximize the storage space in your kitchen.
Good options may be:

- Tile -Timeless and durable
- Hardwood – Beautiful and soft
- Luxury Vinyl Plank – Looks and feels like hardwood, but more resilient to pets, liquids, and high foot traffic



In conjunction with cabinets, countertops also help define and set the visual tone of a kitchen’s style. We work with you to help choose the materials that speak to your sensibilities and work in harmony with how you use your kitchen.

Granite is highly desired by both homeowners and kitchen remodelers alike. As of late, state-of-the-art quartz products are replacing granite in high end remodels as well. Not only are they luxurious looking alternatives to granite, but they are also more durable and stain-resistant.

Countertop Materials can include:

- Ceramic tile
- Quartz
- Laminate
- Soapstone
- Concrete
- Stainless steel



The design of your Kitchen is significantly shaped by the specific appliances you desire. You can accommodate many oversized appliances if you plan for them from the beginning of the design process. The appliances to keep in mind are:

The appliances to keep in mind are:

- Refrigerator
- Cooktop
- Sink
- Dishwasher
- Oven
- Microwave
- Range Hood

Before we begin your kitchen remodel, all of these things need to be taken into consideration. Eastside Kitchen And Bath will help guide you along your remodel journey and relieve some of the pressure that comes with making these big decisions. We’ll be with you through every phase of the process. We have the skills, experience, and workforce to bring your dreams into the physical realm.

Kitchen Remodeling FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions about Kitchen Remodeling in Kirkland

What are the most common types of kitchen remodels?

In a kitchen remodel, there are countless layouts and style options you can choose from. Are you tired of having a closed-off kitchen and want to open it up to the rest of the living spaces in your home? Are you tired of dead-spaces in the corners? Not having enough storage space? There are many things we can do to upgrade your kitchen space: Remove walls to create an open floor plan, Reconfigure the kitchen layout to improve the room’s flow, Update the appliances, countertops, cabinets, and other fixtures, Upgrade or repair the appliances, electrical, or plumbing, Add windows, built-ins, or other custom features.

How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

Every kitchen remodel project is different. It depends on the size of the space, whether or not you’re going to be knocking down walls, what kind of materials you use, backsplash, and what types of appliances you want. A project with Eastside Kitchen And Bath can range from anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000+

This a broad estimate, but a licensed professional from Eastside Kitchen And Bath can give you a more detailed estimate after inspecting your space in person. We’ve been doing business in the Kirkland area for over seven years, and we have an intricate understanding of what it may cost to create your dream kitchen.

How do I get started on my kitchen remodel?

Eastside Kitchen And Bath can help you through every phase of remodeling your kitchen space. All you need is an idea and a budget and we can get started today!

I've had a great experience with Eastside Kitchen & Bath on two occasions now. They remodeled my kitchen about 5-6 years ago and did a fantastic job, so when the time came recently to remodel my bathroom I knew who to call. They helped provide design suggestions and refine my concept, and then executed flawlessly - on time and on budget. I was very impressed and can recommend them with complete confidence. These are true professionals!


Eastside Kitchen & Bath did a top-notch kitchen remodel for us. Drew Bauer and his entire crew are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and all-around nice guys. They consistently showed up as scheduled and went above and beyond in every aspect of the job, including cleanup at the end of each workday. A special shout-out to Kerry and Zachary, they are two outstanding guys! Drew is hands-on with his projects from inception to completion and a perfectionist as well. Thanx again for a beautiful new kitchen!


We had an incredible experience with Eastside Kitchen & Bath. Owner Drew was consistently responsive and helpful His team was professional, courteous, punctual and very, very talented. Their craftsmanship was outstanding. I cannot say enough good things about this company. It was a full kitchen remodel and Drew helped guide and reassure us every step of the way. The finished product is truly gorgeous. We will absolutely use this company again for any future projects.


Drew and his guys are honestly the most professional team that I've seen in the industry. They are highly skilled, honest and passionate about their work. Drew has made a name for himself by doing quality work on a consistent basis for a long time. If you can dream it, these guys have already perfected it!


As an Interior Design Firm, we have worked with Eastside Kitchen + Bath on several remodel projects. From kitchen remodel's to entirely new master bathrooms, Drew + his crew are spectacular. At Elegant Simplicity Interiors, we rely on contractors to be professional, do excellent work, meet deadlines + take the utmost care of our clients. We could not give higher praise for Drew + the guys at Eastside Kitchen + Bath.

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